For Galleries

For galleries and exhibitors

BRERART is a network, a wide spread contemporary art exhibition, where stands are galleries, showrooms, historic buildings and foundations, places in the Brera district and in the center of Milan. BRERART lives in new medias, in digital economy and communication and can be seen from all over the world.

Who attends BRERART?

The participants of BRERART are Milanese and International galleries, engaged with their own realizations, cultural co-production, twinnings and collaborations. BRERART is aimed at a public of international collectors, artists, directors and curators of museums and contemporary art lovers, attracted by the extraordinary and diversifies offer, set by private gallerists, public institutions, associations, foundations and operators, involved.

How to participate

I am a Milanese Gallery

  • I can project and realize, independently, an exhbition and I adhere to the management, communication and advertising plan.
  • I host another Italian and/or International gallery in a co-production and we participate together.
  • I can realize more events, searching directly or through BRERART, other locations, in addition to my gallery.
  • Other solutions. (Contact us)

I am an Italian or International Gallery

  • I find, indipendently, an exhibiting place in Milan and I will introduce my “vision”. I adhere to the management, communication and advertising plan of BRERART.
  • Through BRERART I activate a collaboration with a Milanese gallery.
  • Through BRERART I find an indipendent exhibiting space and participate to BRERART.
  • Other solutions. (Contact us)

I am a public institution, Academy, Museum, University, Foundation, a Cultural Association:

  • I can partecipate to BRERART, promoting and supporting it, realizing exhibiting and cultural initiatives, also involving other bodies of the territory.

I am an Auction House, a Palace or an Historic Building, a Showroom, an Antiquarian, a shop:

  • I can host an event, or suggest and/or realize it, indipendently.