Milan, 23rd – 27th October 2013

22-25 October 2014

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22-25 October 2014

What is BRERART?

BRERART is a network, a show, dedicated to contemporary art where the stands are galleries, showrooms and historic buildings, located in the Brera District of Milan, Italy. Participants are both Milan and international's art galleries and italian and international artists.
Brera in Milan, is a place that for centuries has been providing a vital contribution to cultural, artistical and commercial city life. Brera is a place full of charm and culture, a world accustomed to anticipate trends, where art, fashion, and design live together. A welcoming place, full of great creative and artistic ferment, where culture mixes with shopping and entertainment.


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BRERART and its numerous related events, offered by the city of Milan, will be the number one attraction in october 2013. This event has important features: a new cultural project to relaunch and promote Italian and international visual culture, a partnership with the city for exhibits and events, plus special services and a host of other opportunities for all visitors.
Thanks to the joint commitment of public and private institutions, the weekend dedicated to Italy’s largest art show, also becomes an opportunity to know and discover extraordinary historical buildings and cultural sites transformed by contemporary art. An exceptional itinerary from Galleries to the city, offering a free but systematic presentation of contemporary art.

BRERART is strongly rooted in the principle that galleries play an essential role in the development and promotion of visual arts. Gallerists and artists worldwide are reviewed and selected against the same rigorous criteria, thus ensuring that each event brings together work of the highest standard.
Galleries work in partnership with artists; they nurture an artist's career by investing time and resources in developing an audience for the artist's work. At BRERART, collectors will have the opportunity to explore and gain an intimate knowledge of an artist's work through a direct contact with their gallerist or even the artists themselves.


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